2023 Envision Gala & Summit FAQs

I only want to attend the Gala, what is the cost of the ticket?

There is only one ticket option this year: the $1,500 three-day event ticket. If you wish to attend only the Gala, you will need to purchase the $1,500 three-day event ticket.

What should I expect from the October 26 - 28 weekend?

One word: Memorable.

The annual Envision Summit and Gala is CKA’s largest multi-day event. It is a series of receptions, conferences, and finally, the gala, where you will meet diverse members and VIP guests from different sectors and from across the globe. The events are designed for participants to meet new people and old friends, and to celebrate the community. For many members, it is the memorable and meaningful highlight weekend of the year. There is something special to see so many Korean American leaders from all walks of life together in one place.

Plus, we intentionally did not over-plan and over-program the weekend so that members and friends can arrange side meals, informal reunions, and catch-ups.

What is the dress code for the weekend?

The different events during the October 26-28 will have varying dress codes. Please refer to the list below:

  • Thursday Congressional Reception – Business to Business Casual Attire
  • Friday Morning Events (White House briefing; tours) – Business to Business Casual Attire
  • Friday Summit – Business to Business Casual Attire
  • Saturday Gala – Black Tie Optional (Hanboks encouraged)

Do I have to stay at the Conrad Washington, D.C. Hotel?

No, you can stay at any hotel or alternative accommodations (eg, friends/family home, Airbnb) in Washington, D.C., Virginia or Maryland area. We have arranged limited hotel blocks for participants, but they are first come first serve basis.

The main events of the gala and summit will be held at or near the Conrad Hotel in downtown D.C..
There is paid parking but it tends be expensive. On the gala evening, there will be discounted valet parking at the Conrad Hotel.

On our accommodation website, we offer alternative hotels in the area for you to choose.

Are tickets transferable?

If you cannot attend the 2023 Summit and Gala anymore, you have until October 15th to replace your name with another participant. Otherwise, we can no longer guarantee tickets can be transferred to another attendee.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are refundable if you make cancellations in advance of the gala and summit weekend. Tickets are refundable under the following schedule:

  • October 1st and Before : 100% refundable minus credit card fees
  • October 1 – 15 : 50% refundable minus credit card fees
  • After October 15 : 0% refundable

Can we divide up events among different individuals, especially if I cannot attend all the October 26-28 events?

No, each package ticket is for one individual and cannot be divided among different participants.

For example, if you can only attend the Saturday gala and none of the Thursday or Friday events, you are not able to transfer your Thursday and Friday spots to another individual.

When should I arrive in Washington, D.C.?

The 2023 CKA Envision Gala & Summit begins with the Congressional Reception on Capitol Hill at 5:00 pm ET on Thursday, October 26.

Thus, we encourage you to arrive Thursday afternoon at the latest. Otherwise, you can arrive any time on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Learn more about this year’s schedule by visiting the Events page of the Envision Gala & Summit website.

Can I bring my children to the Summit and Gala activities?

We encourage members to bring their middle school, high school, college age, and young adult children to participate. All children must be 12 years old or older and must have tickets to attend. We do not encourage members to bring small children to the events.

Can I arrange side meetings and meal appointments during the October 26-28 events?

The organizers have intentionally organized blocks of free time during the October 26 – 28, 2023 program so that members can plan side meals, reunions, and meetings during their stay in Washington, D.C.. We ask that these side events not interfere with the participation of the main events.