Archaic Beauty, 2023

Ink on paper
66.8 cm x 47 cm
26.3 in x 18.5 in


The Archaic Beauty series was born of a union of East and West, past and present, as Park absorbed and learned from both traditional ink paintings and contemporary art. The contemporary art practices that he witnessed in New York motivated him to return to more personal, private, and traditional themes. He found motifs in Gyeongju that could conduit to the contemporary art world without annihilating or sidelining the ink-painting tradition. An avid collector of antiquarian objects himself, Park made use of his own extensive collection in the series. This is the source of the series title, Archaic Beauty, a nod to the objects timeless yet contemporary beauty.



2023 Gana Art LA Viewing Room
Gana Art Los Angeles
2023 Donation by the Artist


The Council of Korean Americans expresses deep gratitude to the artist Park Dae Sung and Gana Art Gallery for their generous art contribution to the Council of Korean Americans’ 2023 Envision Gala.