Flower Blossom in Geumgang Mountain, 2021

Ink on paper
125.5 cm x 100.5 cm 
49.4 in x 39.6 in  


Park Dae Sung is one of the master Korean ink painters of the era who most felt the pain of division. The opportunity to travel to North Korea, where nobody could go even if they wanted to, became an important turning point for the artist. Geumganghwagae is one of Park Dae Sung’s representative works, and the image of Geumgangsan Mountain surrounded by lotus peaks is well expressed in the center. This work has an excellent balance between the modern and understated expression of mountains and waterfalls and the depiction of Manmulsang and Sangpaldam, which partially reflect the artist’s style. Park’s paintings, particularly those of North Korea, recall a forgotten past shared by all Koreans and evoke a subtle nostalgia for an undivided Korea.



2022 Park Dae Sung Ink and Soul
CGIS Korea Institute at Harvard University

2023 Gana Art LA Viewing Room
Gana Art Los Angeles

2023 Donation by Gana Art Los Angeles


The Council of Korean Americans expresses deep gratitude to the artist Park Dae Sung and Gana Art Gallery for their generous art contribution to the Council of Korean Americans’ 2023 Envision Gala.